“Those various resentments, anxieties, and depressions were definitely caused, we claim, either by our unfortunate circumstances or by the inconsiderate behaviors of other people. Greatly to our consternation, our sponsors didn’t seem in the least impressed. We can remember how many of them said, “Why don’t we sit down and take a good, hard look at all of AA’s Twelve Steps. Maybe you have been missing just about everything.”
“This was the point at which we began to take our own inventories and not the other fellow’s. As we got into the swing of self-examination, we began to discover what our real responsibilities toward ourselves and toward those about us actually were. At first, this was a mighty tough assignment, but it did by degrees get easier. ”
-Dr. Bob & Bill W. Speak, Michael Fitzpatrick, Pg. 170
Here is a talk on resentments and the forth step.