2017 SERCYPAA Florida – Fit Spiritual Condition – 06-01-2017 – 06-04-2017

Disc 1 - Last Night YPAA Saved My Life - Joey P St Pete FL -  Jake P Ft Myers FL -  Jessica K Jacksonville FL


Disc 2 – Using Traditions Inside and Outside of AA – Cole F ATL GA – Gillia J CAN – Jackie K Stuart FL


Disc 3 – General Service – Why It’s Important – Annie C, SFL Area 15 Delegate – David G St Pete – Aron T of Gulfport


Disc 4 – Getting Sober Before 21 – CB  -, Bronx NY, Derrin O – Ann Arbor MI – Sloan B, Waukesha WI


Disc 5 – Bidding/Hosting and Life After – Katie G – ATL GA, Mike S – Jackson TN, Jaffar C – San Antonio TX


Disc 6 – To Thine Own Self Be True – Jeremy C NO LA – Galen E Jackson TN – Isabella T Gainesville FL – Don F – St Pete FL – Cherral P 


Disc 7 – Oldtime Share Their Stories – Dave R St Pete FL – Chris P – St Pete – Phyliss W – Orlando


Disc 8 – Its Not all Fluffy Clouds – Thomas C LA CA – Nick R Portland OR – Casey B  OK City OK


Disc 9 – BABYPAA – Being A Young Sober Parent – Alix J Huston TX – Victoria H NO LA – Chris K NewPort Richey


Disc 10 – Living Sober In and Out of Service – Aaron N Clyde TX – Natalie O Baton Rouge LA – Patrick T CO Springs CO


Disc 11 – Faith Without Works Is Dead – Coming Back From Relapse – Charles B Scottland – Heather D Phila PA – Chris S Ft Meyers FL


Disc 12 – Sober Relationships – Kris P Tampa FL – Derrick T Monroe LA – Olga P St. Pete FL

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