5 Keys to Successful Recovery – Katherine S.

What life was like at the time of active addiction was hellish. I was angry, frustrated, ungrateful, miserable. I drank everyday to try and stop the feelings & the emotional pain but turns out that only made it worse. Being Bipolar didn’t help matters because I was on a constant mental rollercoaster. Long story short, I ended up in a deep dark hole figuratively & literally. Something had to change so I sought out Recovery for both my mental health & addiction. It’s been 2.5 years of medications for anxiety, adhd, ptsd, bipolar & a 12 step program for the addictions. Today I am lead cast in a film & have hosted a radio talk show. I am happy,  peaceful, grateful & I owe it all to Recovery & my Spirituality. Thank You for reading.
This video and story was submitted to Recovery Speakers by Katherine S.

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