62nd Florida State Convention – Waves Of Serenity – Workshops – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – 08-15-2018

Track 1 - Cliff G, Cookie R and Tim H - "Fun Is In The Middle"

Track 2 – Peggy R, Jack C, Regina F – “Do’s and Dont’s of Sponsorship”


Track 3 – Christian D, Paul B, Annie C – “Anonymity in the Age of Social Media”


Track 4 – Harold L and Nancy B – “From Incarceration to Freedom”


Track 5 – Jacob B, Rosie T, Arnold R and Cindy F – “Same Ocean, Many Waves”


Track 6 – Gail L – “An Interview with Bill W”


Track 7 – Stephen R, Theresa O, and Denis H – “Surviving Emotional Riptides”


Track 8 – Diana E, Joyce C, and Annie C – “Recipe for Serenity”


Track 9 – Gail L – “The Early Akron Pamphlets”


Track 10 – Old Timers Panel

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