85th Anniversary of When Bill W. and Dr. Bob Met – May 12, 1935

85th Anniversary of When Bill W. and Dr. Bob Met – May 12, 1935

It was Saturday, May 11th, 1935, Bill Wilson had been sober for 6 months and for the first time felt the fear of picking up a drink again. He was staying in the Mayflower Hotel in Akron after having a promising business deal fall apart. It finally came to his consciousness that despite not being able to sober up any other alcoholics for the first 6 months of his sobriety, he was staying sober as a result of trying to help others. He knew that he needed to find another alcoholic, but not one to preach to, one that will help himself stay sober. Through a series of phone calls, he was put in touch with a member of the Oxford Group, Henrietta Seiberling. She had just the one for Bill to help; Dr. Bob Smith. They met for the first time the next day; Mothers Day, May 12th, 1935.

Bill Tells the Story of Meeting Dr. Bob

by Bill Wilson | Akron 1954

The place where Bill was left with two options; drink or find an alcoholic to work with:

The Mayflower Hotel

The location of where Bill W. and Dr. Bob first met:

The Gate Lodge

Bill was stranded in Akron with no money to get back to New York. He was invited by Dr. Bob’s wife Anne to move into their home:

Dr. Bob’s House

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