A Lecture On AA History, Steps, and Traditions – Sandy B – Palma Ceia Step Study Group – Summer 2007

Track 1 - Beth H - Vero Beach, FL - "Forgiveness"


Sandy B – Palma Ceia Step Study Group – Sunday Nights June – August 2007
“Everything You Always Wanted To Know About A.A., But Were Afraid to Ask”


Sunday June 3, 2007 – Step 1 – “4,000 Years of Desperation”

Topics: Pre-AA Activites; Desperation


Sunday June 10, 2007 – Step 2 – “This Thing Called a Higher Power”

Topics: AA’s Birthday 6/10/35; AA in the Navy; Alcoholic of the Hopeless Variety; Dr. Bob & Bill W.; Step 2; One Alcoholic Talking To Another


Sunday June 17, 2007 – Step 3 – “Just Judge the Results”

Topics: Early work in AA; Hank Parkhurst; John Rockefeller; Writing The Big Book; Servitude vs Slavery; Independence by becoming dependent


Sunday June 24, 2007 – Step 4 – “It’s the Projector Stupid”

Topics: Rolley Helmsley; Clarence Snyder; Serenity Prayer; Key to the Future


Sunday July 1, 2007 – Step 5 – “The Value of Being Wrong”

Topics: Jim Newton; Henrietta Sieberling; Leave you problems Unattended; The value of being wrong


Sunday July 8, 2007 – Step 6 – “Shoot for Perfection”

Topics: The Traditions; The Four Absolutes; The Now; White Light; Let Go and Get Rid Of; God is Everything and Everything is God


Sunday July 15, 2007 – Step 7 – “Projecting the Light”

Topics: Sandy’s Slide Show; The 50’s; Anne Smith; Problems are of our own ‘thinking’; The Truth requires a 3rd Dimension; Getting Rid of Old Ideas (Slides); the toothache; Humility


Sunday July 22, 2007 – Step 8 – “Forgiveness”

Topics: Nell Wing; Bill & LSD; Carl Jung Letters; Vitamin B3; Bringing out the worst in people; Our own complete arsenal of harmful slides


Sunday July 29, 2007 – Step 9 – “Spiritual Life is not a Theory”

Topics: The 70’s; Bill’s Last Talk; Singleness of Purpose; Protecting the Mother Ship; The Promises


Sunday August 5, 2007 – Step 10 – “No Editorial Desired or Required”

Topics: The 80’s; New Orleans Convention 45th Birthday; Montreal AA’s 50th Birthday; Seagrams; 1 Million Members; Awakening; Entering the “World of the Spirit”; Using God is too simple for us; 4 Part Plan to remain undisturbed


Sunday August 12, 2007 – Step 11 – “One Problem and One Solution”

Topics: Smitty; Service; GSO; Professionalism; The Grapevine; The Concepts; The is Everything, and then there is You; Conscious Separation for God/ Conscious Contact with God; Prayer of St. Francis


Sunday August 19, 2007 – Step 12 – “A Wonderful World”

Topics: Stepping back from the details; Get the Big Picture

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