I’m sure you have already seen that AA world service is utterly necessary to our future unity and growth – even to our survival as a Fellowship. To maintain these life-giving arteries of world communication in full flow, and in good repair, will always be a top priority task for each new generation of our Society. This will require of us a greatly increased understanding of the immense need to be met, and a sustained devotion of the highest order. The world of today harbors the appalling total of twenty million alcoholic men and women. Without doubt a large fraction of these fellow sufferers could begin to find their sobriety and a new way of life if only they could see and hear just one AA meeting. Experience has already proved that our world services constitute the largest and the most powerful single agency that we shall ever possess to bring those legions of sufferers within reach of what we – AAs around the world – have so providentially discovered for ourselves. Knowing this Fellowship, I feel entirely confident that we will eagerly shoulder and discharge well this most high responsibility to our Third Legacy. As we continue in the language of the heart to carry AA’s message across all distances and all barriers, may God bless us.

-Bill Wilson, Grapevine May 1964