“Good morning everybody — and if I remember it’s morning, I’m ahead — I’m Alabama Carothers, and I’m a grateful, happy alcoholic.”

With her delightful Southern twang and laugh-out-loud humor, that’s how Alabama C. starts off this Alcoholics Anonymous speaker audio. Speaking in Lubbock, Texas, in 1975, this AA speaker tape is both heartwarming and hopeful.

Alabama shares how she was raised in a little Southern town of about 400 people. She  had loving parents, came from a religious home, was well-loved by her extended family, did well in school, and eventually married a successful man. At first, she was proud of her capacity to drink — “I was a showoff; I thought I had a hollow leg” — but this eventually turned into extreme shame and embarrassment as she found she could not control her drinking. She goes on to describe a woman who couldn’t even do her own wash or cooking until she got sober.

“I didn’t get here because I drank too much for too long. I got here because I’m emotionally sick,” Alabama says.

Then came that fateful day where people from Alcoholic Anonymous came to “love and care for me,” and she knew what she wanted — she wanted what they had, and she was finally willing to do the work to get it. Listen to Alabama share her miraculous journey to recovery.

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