Alcohol Awareness Month

The month of April is National Alcohol Awareness Month in America. This program was originally created by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence(NCADD) as a way to provide an opportunity to increase awareness and to end the stigma associated with alcohol abuse in an intense 30-day focus.

Alcohol Awareness Month first started in April 1987 and aimed to bring an understanding of alcohol’s causes, the effective treatments available, plus encouraging people to know that recovery is very possible.

You can observe by using the hashtag #AlcoholAwarenessMonth on social media while sharing and increasing awareness. Plus, you might encourage loved ones you know to:

  • Learn more about the effects alcohol abuse has on individuals, families, and communities.
  • Practice abstinence from alcohol for the month or limit their consumption by keeping track of the quantity consumed.
  • Encourage parents to discuss alcohol abuse with children, and talk to your own children too.
  • Healthcare workers can make concerted effort during the month of April to talk about options with their patients.

For more information, please visit: Alcohol Awareness Month

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