Angela Pugh

Angela Pugh, KCPM, CCP, RC

Addiction Interventionist, Speaker, Coach, and Podcast Host Angela Pugh is a leading expert in the field of addiction. After her recovery from alcoholism, Pugh completed courses of study in Addiction Counseling, Social Work, and training as a Board Registered Interventionist and certifications as Life Coach and Recovery Coach.

In April 2018, Angela launched her podcast, Addiction Unlimited. She travels the country to record episodes face-to-face with her guests with a desire to provide information and insight to families struggling with addiction, and to break the stigma of sobriety offering candid and honest conversation about addiction and recovery.

As CEO & Co-Founder of Kansas City Recovery, an addiction and recovery resource, she provides support services and structured men’s sober living in the heart of Kansas City.

Pugh is also a noted freelance writer on coaching, relationships, and addiction education, and a sought-after speaker and educator on the same topics. Pugh spoke at the Women and Substance Abuse Conference in Kansas City alongside nationally-respected addiction expert Dr. Claudia Black.

She is a regular source on addiction and recovery for news media outlets nationwide.

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