Bill W on the Origins of AA to Medical Societies

Bill W on the Origins of AA to Medical Societies
Alcoholics Anonymous — Beginnings and Growth By Bill W. Presented to the New York City Medical Society on Alcoholism April 28, 1958

“Certainly, nobody invented Alcoholics Anonymous. A.A. is a synthesis of principles and attitudes which came to us from medicine and from religion. We alcoholics have simply streamlined those forces, adapting them to our special use in a society where they can work effectively” – Bill W.

The Perpetual Quest

The hardest thing I had to deal with in sobriety was my own anger and the violence I lived through in my childhood. I had forgiven those involved as best I could, but the mind seems never to forget. I had gratefully received years of outside help because I was told that my drinking was only the symptom of deeper troubles. Yet despite the help of many professionals, I know I would never have recovered from violence and alcoholism without A.A.’s Twelve Steps, which are uniquely tailored for people like me. Just as importantly, I believe that I recovered through the grace of a Higher Power, despite the fact that I was very angry and wanted nothing to do with God when I arrived at Alcoholics Anonymous. In fact, I did not need to find God. I only needed an open mind, and the spirit found me.

-pg. 397 Big Book


“Alcohol was only a symptom of much deeper problems of dishonesty and denial”. -pg. 467 Big Book

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