“The trouble with us fellows was that we thought we could demand that the world give us happiness in just a particular way in which we wanted to get it, which happened to be by the alcohol route. And we weren’t overly successful. “But when we take time to find out, and familiarize ourselves with, and put into practice some of the spiritual laws which are necessary to follow to acquire those things, then we find that we get them. And I think I’ve had them in very large measure: those two things, happiness and peace of mind. And I feel most extremely fortunate and I feel very grateful and thankful that our Heavenly Father has seen fit that I enjoy them. “They’re there; anybody can get them who wishes to. But there do seem to be some rules of the game that we have to follow. But they’re here and open and free to everyone who wishes to take advantage of them. And by taking advantage of them means the familiarization with them and putting them into practice, and incorporating them into our own thinking and actions. And we’re bound and determined to get certain results if we do.”

-Bill Wilson