Bill Wilson Speaks in his Home State of Vermont

Bill Wilson was born and raised in East Dorset, Vermont. After his marriage to Lois, he relocated to the New York area later to play a major part in the creation of the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. In June 1960, Bill returned to speak at the University of Vermont! He makes a point to go into more depth of his earliest childhood memories and stories about growing up in Vermont. This recording seems to have a more heart felt and pure emotion in Bill’s speaking.

Below is a short and funny story about the man who carried the message to Bill in November 1934:

So it looked like the end of the line, until another drunk came along, and I knew darn well he had been defeated.  I had become a kind of student of alcoholism then and he was what we call “summer folks” down in East Dorset. He had gone to boarding school with me for a year and came from a nice Albany family and he got worse and worse.  He was the youngest boy and I guess he was trying to keep up with pa and the older brothers and got sucked right in. He was on the booze in a very bad way. And he used to come up to Manchester out of season and raise hell. Well, you know I think folks around home are tolerant about the cider keg, and you know lushing a bit. But this got too tough.  He ran his father’s new Packard down Manchester Street, and I don’t know how many miles an hour, and he pulled off the road in his blindness and he ran into the side of a house and he pushed the side of the house in and he pushed the kitchen stove over several feet and of course there is a special providence for fools and drunks and he is completely unhurt and the car door would open.  So being still alive in the inside of the kitchen, and the scared farmer’s wife sitting in the corner and the kitchen stove spouting, my friend Ebby stepped out and he says, “How about a cup of coffee?”

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