“Well, to me this had come with such mysterious power – yet on such utterly simple terms. Of course I thought, as you would have thought, “Why, every alcoholic should be able to find an experience like this.” And then I questioned myself and said, “Well, why didn’t these truths hit me this way before? Why of course, ‘one alcoholic was talking to another.'” He [Ebby] must have struck me deep; he must have deflated me way down and made room for he grace of God that was forever blocked by my own raging ego. The ability to live in my world, the ability to transmit me, the ability to humble me where no other living one could – that was one alcoholic to another. “Maybe that was the clue! If you were in my place, you would have started to work frantically with other alcoholics, and I did – just as many of you have since done, nearly all of you in fact.” -Bill W. Atlanta, 1951