“Perhaps more often than we think, we make no contact at depth with alcoholics who are suffering the dilemma of no faith.
“Certainly none are more sensitive to spiritual cocksureness, pride, and aggression than they are. I’m sure this is something we too often forget.
“In A.A.’s first years, I all but ruined the whole undertaking with this sort of unconscious arogance. God as I understood Him had to be for everybody. Sometimes my aggression was subtle and sometimes it was crude. But either way it was damaging- perhaps fatally so- to numbers of nonbelievers.
“Of course this sort of thing isn’t confined to Twelfth Step work. It is very apt to leak out into myself chanting that some old barrier-building refrain: “do as I do, believe as I do- or else!””
-Grapeveine, April 1961