Esther E – “Flower of the South” – Texas – DOS May 16 1941 – Speaking in Lubbock Texas , May 17 1953

Esther E - Speaking in Lubbock Texas, May 17 1953

Esther E story “Flower of the South” can be found in the Big Book on page (2nd edition p343).She was a very attractive woman, full of pep. She was raised in New Orleans where social drinking was acceptable.

When he drinking progressed her husband read a story about A.A. in the Saturday Evening Post a few weeks before. He finally showed it to her with the ultimatum “If you will try this thing, I’ll go along with you. If you don’t, you will have to go home. I cannot sit by and watch you destroy yourself!”

She wrote to the GSO office in New York. Within a week a letter came back with A.A. literature. It was the routine letter they sent everyone, but with it was a hand-written letter from, Ruth Hock, A.A.’s non-alcoholic secretary. That personal touch did a lot to help Esther.

Esther was full of gratitude to her husband, and to A.A. members who had paved the way for her.

During her second year in A.A. they were transferred to Dallas, and started an A.A. group there in 1943. The telephone number in Dallas that Ruth Hock had given her had been disconnected when she arrived. But undaunted, she started seeking other alcoholics to 12th step.





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