Tom W. is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous from Oakland, California. He’s also a priest and a witty, insightful circuit speaker with a fantastic message of hope.

“I really liked drinking at bars,” Father Tom says, “but at the end of my drinking, I became an isolated drunk. I never knew what my behavior was going to be. I have a big, fat mouth, and I get very argumentative… It was very hard to be with me, even for me.”

Father Tom goes on to talk about his eventual ruin, how he got put into treatment and found Alcoholics Anonymous. He discusses the hopelessness that marks the bottom of every alcoholic, and then he shares his understanding of a Higher Power and what to do when you have no hope.

Father Tom wraps up his share by discussing how AA has given him a community of women and men he can relate to. He discusses the traditions and especially tradition 10, which states we do not get involved in outside issues. And the highest rank anyone gets in AA? “Sober.”