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      Michael Kirkpatrick

      My name is Michael and I am an alcoholic,I sobered up in 1974, been sober for just over forty six years, after my first two years sobriety, I went to the Irish A A convention in Portrush Northern Ireland, the year was 1976, it was here that I had the privilege to meet and have a coffee with Chuck C, who had flown in from the USA that day,Chuck C shared at that convention,and I found his share one of the most moving spiritual experiences I have ever had in this fellowship, Chuck shared that he was lost, like the Prodigal son mentioned in the bible, and was eventually FOUND by the power and love within the fellowship, in the audience were many members of the clergy, many wore purple robes with huge crosses hanging from their necks, what really impressed me with all this show of faith, was that everyone in the room was crying with the impact of Chuck’s share, including all the clergy there, this power of sharing has stayed with me for over forty years, From Chuck’s share I discovered the spirit within me, and then totally embraced the program.Sharing at depth provides a window into the soul, and this reflects into the hearts of all those listening to that share.I discovered that the deeper I can reach within myself,and share this will open doors within those listening as well.I have much more to share but this is my introduction into recovery speakers

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