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    Step 11 is clear about the need for meditation. What are some of the struggles, solutions, and benefits you have found with having a consistent meditation practice?

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    Great topic.
    One of my favorite sayings about meditation is “If you can’t find two minutes, you need 20.” It sums up my experience so well. As life gets busy and I get frantic, meditation and quiet time are often the first things to go. Paradoxically, these are the times when I need it most.
    I’m finding that I have become more willing to set aside this time daily as I see how clearly it enhances my life. It’s as if mediation oils the wheels of life a bit–things go more smoothly, I am less ruffled, and I bring a better quality of presence to my day. I feel like I am part of my day instead of watching it pass by in a mad rush. I can really see my daughter as we talk, I stop to appreciate the breeze, and I am in less of a mad, panicked hustle to get things to go my way.
    I’ve also found that it is a helluva lot easier to keep up a meditation practice than to start one. It takes a lot of energy to start a car, but not too much to keep one going. So I try to remember to get to this daily, because it will save me some anguish in the end. I find that when I am practicing regularly, I can access a place of calm and focus fairly quickly. When I haven’t been meditating frequently, it takes me awhile before I can settle in. I spent the first half of my quiet time restless, and thinking of what I have to do later. This is ok–it’s the dedication to the practice that counts–but, I get much more out of it when it is ingrained in my morning routine.

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