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      Can someone enjoy continuous sobriety on meetings alone? No steps, no sponsor, no book study?

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      I can say from personal experience that we can’t stay sober on meetings alone. This 12 step program is spiritual in nature. It requires a willingness to go to any lengths for your recovery. I tried going to meetings only, psychoanalyzing the reasons why I turned to my drug of choice on any given day, I tried obtaining self knowledge regarding my “triggers”. I was working the program with a sponsor but I was still using my drug of choice for comfort, ease and numbness. I made my sponsor my HP, I was lacking service, I wasn’t relying on a HP for guidance or support. I was continuing to follow self will. Then I learned that my addiction had a physiological response but the problem was my mental obsession. It was a problem of the mind. I could have had a good, bad, or okay day but any agitation that I had ( fear, happiness, resentment, etc.) was ammo my mind would use to convince me that I should leave my resolve to quit using my drug of choice and just do it for one more time. I realized that I needed to target my mind which always thought there was a better solution to treat my addiction instead of doing the 12 steps. I realized that I needed to work the steps quickly. I worked the steps with a sponsor in 4 weeks. It should not take us forever to do the steps or continuously be “recovering”. Once we make our first amends, we are recovered. We then do steps 10, 11 and 12 everyday to stay recovered. Working the steps helped me get rid of all the crap that was in my way of reaching my spiritual experience and a relationship with my HP. I needed to finish going through the steps, and work them everyday in order to get recovery and stay recovered. I needed to focus on helping others understand the problem of addiction and share my solution with them so that I could stay recovered. Going to meetings alone, making outreach calls and following a strict prayer/meditation routines did not help me stay abstinent. Working the steps with a sponsor and helping other addicts did. The promises say we should not struggle or even swear off because the problem is removed one day at a time. Working the steps is our way to the psychic change we need to achieve in sobriety.

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