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      Michael Kirkpatrick

      My name is Michael and I am an alcoholic, have been sober and well in this fellowship for over forty six years, the word sharing was totally alien to me, the first time I ever heard this phrase was when I was twenty nine years old at an AA meeting, suddenly I heard speakers talking about themselves, and thought they were talking about me! I had also never heard the word identification, suddenly I was feeling what the speaker was sharing, as though it was my experience also, as time went on I began to see that our sharing of our experiences opens up doors within us,for me the sharing of other members not only saved my life, but also showed me that I was no longer alone on this planet.My internal mental actions and emotional feelings were shown to be evident in other members, this allowed me to realise that my days of isolation and separateness were over,this spiritual program of twelve steps and our sharing at meetings opened up a window into my soul, at last after being lost all of my life,I was found by this fellowship and all those brothers and sisters who shared with me, giving me their strength and hope, and enabling me to at last stand up straight look them in the eye and say thank you for your time and efforts with me when I needed it.Now I can pass it on,as this message was passed on to me.
      yours in service Michael.

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