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      Discuss the benefits, ideals, and many approaches to sponsorship and working the 12 steps.

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      Thanks for posting this topic. I’m curious to hear what others have to say.
      My first sponsor was nothing like me, but taught me just about everything I know about how to be in a relationship. She taught me how to be on time, how to tell the truth, how to show up when things were hard, how to have disagreements but not walk away, and most importantly, she walked me through the 12 steps. She showed me how to live sober and how to rebuild my life one tiny step at a time. It was the first relationship I had where I could be completely honest. She was never shocked at anything I said, and she guided me through the scary days of early sobriety with clarity, patience and firmness. I owe her my life. It’s such a gift to get to pass this on to the women I sponsor, and see them in turn pass it on to their gals. This is how we heal.

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