“It is rarely mentioned, but one factor that gives AA great leverage with newcomers is that nobody gets paid for carrying the message. The meter is never running, and nobody gets a bill for services rendered. In fact, the person receiving the message is even assured that the messengers protect their own sobriety by helping others.
“It is also understood that the person carrying the message has no special expertise other than personal experience in the program. The recovered alcoholic, in effect, is on the same level as the person need help; no diplomas or academic courses are needed to carry the AA message. This is not likely to change, because the idea of “freely carrying the message” is enshrined in Tradition Eight:
Alcoholics Anonymous should remain ever nonprofessional, but our service centers may employ special workers. “
-Living The Twelve Traditions In Today’s World, Mel B. and Michael Fitzpatrick, Pg. 116
Here is a workshop by Clancy I. on the twelve traditions.