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Actor, Author, Educator & Advocate

Gary K is a very influential person active in almost every area of the recovery community that exists. He has an extensive resume that includes – Director of Recovery Education at Comprehensive Wellness Center, Hazelden Author, Recovery Play-write, 12 Step Recovery Educator and Group Facilitator, CCAR Certified Recovery Coach and Trainer of Recovery Coaches, 12 Step Advocate, Circuit Speaker, “Bill W.”/12 Step Historian, Ambassador for the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc., and a cast member of Viceland’s DOPESICK NATION (appearing in 6 episodes on A&E Television). 

“I am clean and sober over 20 years and blessed to know that my “life mission” is to carry the message of hope and the miracle of Recovery to as many people as I can reach.” 

Gary’s experience, strength and hope

“I was born and raised near Akron, Ohio – birthplace of 12 Step recovery. In 1978 I moved to New York City where I began a 30 year-long career performing in Broadway Musicals, National and International tours, off Broadway Theater, Film, Voice overs and Television. My alcoholism and addiction fully progressed by the time I was 21. Between 1980 and 1995 I was sent to dozens of detoxes, several trips to psyche wards and jails, stints in Rational Recovery, Smart Recovery, Jungian Therapy, Freudian Therapy, Anthony Robbins Fire Walks, Sweat Lodges, Peyote Treatments and a host of other “pathways to recovery”. In 1994 I entered the first of many treatment center experiences resulting in 19 relapses. In 1996 I hit rock bottom and surrendered to the 12 Step way of life and with Psychotherapy, EMDR, medication, Spiritual Direction and good Sponsorship it has not been necessary for me to take a drink or a drug for over 2 decades.”   

12 Step Historian

For 2 decades he has studied and researched in the Archives of Alcoholics Anonymous World Services in New York City, the archives at Stepping Stones – the home of Bill W and Lois Wilson in Bedford New York, at the Wolfe Street Foundation Archives in Little Rock Arkansas, the AA Archives in Akron Ohio and the Dr. Bob Archive at Rockefeller Library at Brown University.  

He is the author of Hazelden Publishing’s newest Step book titled “WALK THE TALK WITH STEP 12 – Staying Sober Through Service”

His book is available through Hazelden Publishing, Amazon Books, Google Books, Target Books, Barnes and Noble and Recovery Bookstores world-wide. Reviewers have referred to WALK THE TALK WITH STEP 12 as “Drop the rock for Step 12”.

Here is a link to purchase this great Step book on Hazelden’s website:

Advocate & Ambassador

For the past 10 years, Gary has served as an AMBASSADOR FOR THE NATIONAL COUNCIL ON ALCOHOLISM AND DRUG DEPENDENCE Inc. (NCADD, Inc.) advocating for 12 Step Recovery throughout the U.S. and Canada and appearing as a TV AND RADIO TALK SHOW GUEST, advocating for recovery on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Clear Channel and National Public Radio.

Recent Recovery Related Professional History

Gary is currently located in Palm Beach County Florida – where he serves as Director of Recovery Education Programs at Comprehensive Wellness Centers in Lantana, Florida – a dual diagnosis alcohol and addiction treatment facility where he is a counselor, recovery coach, group facilitator and teaches the history of 12 Step Recovery and facilitates a 12 Step Immersion Program for patients:

From coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada he also facilitates EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATIONS DETAILING THE HISTORY, HOPE AND HEALING OF 12 STEP RECOVERY for community groups, educators, medical professionals, law enforcement officials and FACILITATE 12 STEP WORKSHOPS as well as GROUPS for PHP and I.O.P. clients and staff at numerous treatment centers.

Recovery Education Event Production

Gary AUTHORED the live stage production PASS IT ON…AN EVENING WITH BILL W. & DR. BOB AND PRODUCED 8 NATIONAL TOURS – presented from coast to coast in over 80 cities in the United States and Canada – in which he also portrays the role of BILL W. The show, widely recognized as an innovative catalyst for recovery education, fund raising events and Step 12 Service and Advocacy work, has appeared in over 80 cities to date. This unique inspirational true story about the history of AA continues to travel throughout North America – raising awareness about America’s Greatest Gift to the world while raising funds to support recovery organizations – reaching people who cannot be reached any other way.

Pass It On An Evening with Bill W. & Dr. Bob is staged as if you are at an A.A. meeting in 1949 with the beloved co-founders of A.A. as the keynote speakers. They tell their personal stories of drinking and recovery and dramatize their legendary drinking sprees and the extraordinary night they met in Akron Ohio in 1935.

In their own words – Bill W. and Dr. Bob regale the audience with fascinating and hilarious yarns about the early history of A.A. including writing the Big Book, creating the 12 Steps and how they stumbled onto the discovery of 12 Step Recovery and passed it on to others who were still struggling.

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Gary K also served as ASSOCIATE PRODUCER, DIRECTOR and ACTOR PORTRAYING BILL W. in the national tour of the Off-Broadway play BILL W. AND DR. BOB – sponsored by Hazelden during the 75th International A.A. Convention. He also served as Marketing Consultant for the Off-Broadway revival of BILL W AND DR BOB at the Soho Playhouse in New York City.

On behalf of the Delray Beach Drug Task Force he served as Executive Producer for the 2018 Delray Beach Drug Task Force Substance Use Disorder Talks – held on April 7 at Florida Atlantic University – hosted by the FAU School of Social Work.

He has also produced and or hosted numerous fund raising events for recovery organizations nationwide including A TASTE OF RECOVERY 2018 at Old School Square in Delray Beach.

Gary served the International Recovery Education Campaign Film Project as DIRECTOR OF PROJECT DEVELOPMENT – featuring the landmark Public Television documentary “ONE DAY AT A TIME” produced by Northern Light Productions in partnership with Hazelden Publishing – for World Wide Broadcast on PBS and the BBC in over 70 Nations and over 300 Domestic Markets.  Learn more about the Recovery Education film project by visiting    

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View Gary K on VICELAND’S “DOPESICK NATION” on A&E national television network

Northern Light Productions is currently making a documentary titled LOVE AND SERVICE, THE 12 STEP MIRACLE OF GARY K – to be released for Public Television and Film Festivals in early 2020.

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