“The man turned out to be Bill D., a very early member of A.A., and I couldn’t tell you a word of what he said. Not one experience registered with me. When he left, I realized from his story that as a drinker I was just a panty-waist. I knew I could quit because he had quit; he hadn’t had a drink for over a year. The important thing was that he was happy. He was released, relieved from his alcoholism and was happy and contented because of it. That I shall never forget.
“The next day, others from the group came in to see me. I remember well one fellow, Joe, walking nearly three miles through slush, wet and snow to come to the hospital to see a man that he had never seen before in his life, and that impressed me very much. He walked into the hospital to save bus fare and did it gladly in order to be helpful to an individual he had never seen. There were only seven or eight people in the group before me and they all visited me during my period in the hospital. The very simple program they advised me to follow was that I should ask to know God’s will for me for that one day, and then, to express my gratefulness to God to God for the things that had happened to me during the day. When I left the hospital I tried this for a day and it worked, for a week and it worked, for a month, and it worked-and then for a year and it still worked. It has continued to work now for nearly eighteen years.”
-Experience, Strength, and Hope, Stories from the first three editions of Alcoholics Anonymous Pg. 235-236