“A week later I found myself in the presence of that man whose address was in my pocket. His story was incredible. I couldn’t believe it, but he had the proof. I met men whose stories convinced me that in the ranks of men who had been heavy drinkers I was an armature and a sissy.
“What I heard was hard to believe but I wanted to believe it. What’s more I wanted to try it and see if it wouldn’t work for me.
“It worked, and is still working. For weeks I was bitter against society. Why didn’t someone put me wise to this before? Why did I have to go on like that for years making my parents unhappy, abusing friends, and passing up opportunities? It wasn’t fair that I should be the instrument to make people unhappy.
“I believe now that it was given this experience so that I might understand and be of use in helping others to find a solution to this and other problems.”
-Experience, Strength, & Hope, Pg. 122-123