“Lois Wilson Rode A Harley” Presented by Jack C. – 10/16/2020

This weeks meeting featured the presentation "Lois Wilson Rode A Harley" led by Jack C.  

Benefit for Dr Bobs Home – Old Time AA – A History Workshop – Tampa FL – 01-16-2016

Track 2 - Long Timers Panel - Judy D, Sam C, Murielle W, Hal D, Col Dick W Pt. 1   Track 3 - Long Timers...

Benefit for Dr Bobs House – Old Time AA – A History Workshop – Tampa FL – 01-20-2018

Old Time AA - A History Workshop to benefit Dr. Bobs House was put on in Tampa FL Janurary 20 2018.  Speakers were Gail...

“The Flames Before The Spark”; Buchman, Jung, & Silkworth – Presented by James L. – 10/9/2020

This weeks meeting featured James L. sharing a special 90 minute presentation on "The Flames Before The Spark". This presentation has an emphasis on AA...

The Saturday Evening Post – March 1, 1941

The Story Behind The Jack Alexander Article on A.A. On March 1, 1941, The Saturday Evening Post published an article titled “Alcoholics Anonymous: Freed Slaves...

The Saturday Evening Post – April 1, 1950

Eight years after the release of the wildly successful 1941 Saturday Evening Post article, Bill W. wrote to Jack Alexander with a request.  Bill...

The Original Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Preamble

The Original AA Preamble also known as the Wilmington Preamble: We are gathered here because we are faced with the fact that we are powerless...

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