The Original Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting Preamble

The Original AA Preamble also known as the Wilmington Preamble: We are gathered here because we are faced with the fact that we are powerless...

Father Ed Dowling and AA’s Bill W.

Father Ed Dowling and AA’s Bill W. by Robert Fitzgerald, S.J. Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, was down. His feet hung over the end of...

Works Publishing Stock Transferred to Alcoholics Anonymous : AA Received Ownership of the Big Book

In the spring of 1938, Bill Wilson started writing the big book. Also, with the help of the new connections made with people at...

“A New Pair of Goggles: AA History Through Military Lens” presented by Roger W. – 10/2/2020

This weeks meeting featured a presentation led by Roger W. on "A New Pair of Goggles: AA History Through Military Lens."  

Alcoholic Experience – New York Times – June 25th, 1939

Book Review New York Times - June 25th, 1939 Alcoholic Experience by Percy Hutchinson Alcoholics Anonymous. 400 pp. New York: Works Publishing Company. $3.50 Lest this title should arouse...

AA Trudges The Road To Dublin : Presented by Anne Marie S-G. & Shaky Mike – 9/25/2020

This is the recording of the Recovery Speakers Zoom History Meeting from September 25th, 2020. This meeting featured a presentation on “AA Trudges The...

“The Book That Started It All” presented by Ken R. and Mike F. – 9/11/2020 – 9/18/2020

This special two week presentation led by Ken R. and Mike F. on "The Book That Started It All: The Original Working Manuscript of...

“Bill W.’s Work and Research on Vitamin B-3 Therapy” Presented by Mike F. – 9/4/2020

This weeks meeting featuring Mike F. presenting on "Bill W.'s Work and Research on Vitamin B-3 Therapy."  

“King Charles of New York City” Presented by Gary N. – 8/28/2020

This weeks meeting featured Gary N. presenting on his book "King Charles of New York City." Charles Towns, the founder of Towns hospital.  

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