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“Bill W.’s Work and Research on Vitamin B-3 Therapy” Presented by Mike F. – 9/4/2020

This weeks meeting featuring Mike F. presenting on "Bill W.'s Work and Research on Vitamin B-3 Therapy."

“King Charles of New York City” Presented by Gary N. – 8/28/2020

This weeks meeting featured Gary N. presenting on his book "King Charles of New York City." Charles Towns, the founder of Towns hospital.

“How It Worked: The Story of Clarence Snyder” Presented by Mitchell K. – 8/21/2020

This weeks meeting featured a presentation led by Mitchell K. on his book "How it Worked: The story of Clarence Snyder."

“AA: A Story Handed Down” Presented by Mike F. – 8/14/2020

This weeks meeting featured a presentation led by Mike F. on "AA: A Story Handed Down."

“The Emmanuel Movement Connection to AA” Presented by Jonathan S. – 8/7/2020

This weeks meeting featured Jonathan S. presenting on the "Emmanuel Movement Connection to AA."

“Women of the Big Book” Presented by Nancy K. – 7/31/2020

This weeks meeting featured Nancy K. presenting "Women of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous".

The Washingtonians : Presented by Scott J. – 7/24/2020

This weeks meeting featured a presentation on "The Washingtonians" that was led by Scott J.

Anne Smith; The Mother of AA : Presented by Mike F. – 7/17/2020

This weeks meeting featured the presentation: Anne Smith, the "Mother of AA", led by Mike F.

AA International Speakers : Presented by Mike F. – 7/10/2020

This weeks meeting featured a presentation led by Mike F about AA International Convention speakers including recordings of Lois Wilson, Sam Shoemaker, Dr. Harry...

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Bob B. -State Line Retreat -Steps 5-7 -Primm, Nv. -12/09/06

Bob B. - "i thought recovery was the absence of problems." -12/09/06

A Thanksgiving Birthday Legacy: Bill Wilson

This Thanksgiving, November 26, marks the 125th anniversary of Bill Wilson. Most people have never heard of him. Yet millions owe him, his wife...

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