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Angels, Saints & Sinners: Pioneering Women in the Early Days of AA -Presented by Kathleen CH. – 12/11/2020

"ANGELS, SAINTS & SINNERS: PIONEERING WOMEN IN THE EARLY DAYS OF AA"  Presented by Kathleen CH, Dallas, TX Let’s take a look back to the early...

A Journey Through AA History presented by Jim W. – 12/4/2020

This weeks meeting featured the presentation "A Journey Through AA History: A Timeline Through the Four Founding Moments of Alcoholics Anonymous" led by Jim...

“The Traditions: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow” presented by Mike F. – 11/27/2020

This weeks meeting featured a presentation led by Mike F. on the Twelve Traditions.  

The Traditions in Today’s World – Led by Billy N. – 11/20/2020

This weeks meeting featured Billy N. speaking on "The Traditions in Today's World."  

“The Traditions” presented by Paula P., Jay S., & Gail L. – 11/13/2020

This weeks meeting featured a "Traditions Panel" with each presenter sharing for 10 minutes each followed by a Q & A session.  

“The Random Roots of the AA Traditions” presented by Patrick O’D – 11/6/2020

This meeting featured the presentation led by Patrick O'D on "The Random Roots of the Alcoholics Anonymous Traditions".  

“Early AA History in New York” Presented by Dave M. – 10/30/2020

This weeks meeting featured Dave M. presenting on "Early AA History in New York".  

Alcoholics Anonymous and the Rockefeller Connection – Presented by Jay M. – 10/23/2020

This weeks meeting featured the presentation "Alcoholics Anonymous and the Rockefeller Connection" presented by the author of the book, Jay D. Moore.  

“Lois Wilson Rode A Harley” Presented by Jack C. – 10/16/2020

This weeks meeting featured the presentation "Lois Wilson Rode A Harley" led by Jack C.  

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