Howard P. just might be the most beloved old-timer on the AA speaker circuit. Funny and humble and wide, he speaks with genuine love and gratitude.

Howard kicks things off by saying that he came into Alcoholics Anonymous refusing to believe in a Creator that interceded on the behalf of humans. But he wanted to stay in AA, so he only spoke of his doubts to his sponsor. “If you guys knew me when I came into AA and if you really knew me now,” he says, “you would say, ‘Howard is a completely different person.’ The old Howard died, and there’s a new Howard who is completely different.”

He goes on to tell the miraculous story of how this new Howard came to be, and how his personal understanding of a Higher Power was revealed to him through prayer and meditation. This amazing share of how he came to develop conscious contact with a god is perfect for believers and nonbelievers alike.

Listen to Howard P., in his calming and wise way, discuss how he began praying and meditating, his early struggle with these disciplines, and how he got better at them and how they eventually changed his life significantly.

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