Larry Jewell: Founder of AA in Texas and author of The Houston Press Articles and The Texas Prayer

Larry Jewell: Founder of AA in Texas and author of The Houston Press Articles and The Texas Prayer

Larry Jewell

He was a writer originally from Cleveland, Ohio that was 12- stepped by Clarence Snyder and Dr. Bob while at St. Thomas Hospital in the winter of 1940. Clarence and Dr. Bob took Larry through the 12-steps leading him to a spiritual experience. Upon his release from the hospital, he boarded a train to Houston before ever attending an AA meeting. This led him to write a six-part series on A.A. for The Houston Press, which was published in February of 1940. These articles helped him to find other recovering alcoholics and they formed the first AA group in Houston. His writings in the The Houston Press were also published by AA in a pamphlet that was released in April 1940. Larry was the founder and leader of AA in Texas in 1940 but Larry did not remain sober and struggled up until his passing on May 10, 1944.

It is believed that Larry J. also authored the Texas Prayer:

“Our Father, we come to You as a friend. You have said that, where two or three are gathered in Your name, there You will be in the midst. We believe You are with us now. We believe this is something You would have us do, and that it has Your blessing. We believe that You want us to be real partners with You in this business of living, accepting our full responsibility, and certain that the rewards will be freedom, and growth, and happiness. For this, we are grateful. We ask You, at all times, to guide us. Help us daily to come closer to You, and grant us new ways of living our gratitude.” 

This prayer was used to open many of the AA meetings in Texas. Larry was not able to stay sober and had many struggles with the early members in Texas but his influence on the founding of AA in Texas will always be remembered.


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