“In an article titled ‘A Tribute to Dr. Bob’ in the January 1951 issue of the Grapevine, Bill W. praised him and reminisced about Dr. Bob’s many contributions to AA and to himself. It has been mentioned in AA literature that Bill W. was Dr. Bob’s sponsor. However, the wise counsel and example Dr. Bob gave to Bill also resembles the relationship AA members describe having with their sponsor. In other words, in many ways Dr. Bob was Bill’s sponsor too. Dr. Bob was a stable and respected force in Bill’s life, and he influenced Bill extensively on important AA decisions, as Bill noted in the Grapevine tribute: ‘How we were spared from professionalism, wealth, and extensive property management; how we finally came up with the book Alcoholics Anonymous is a story by itself. But in this critical period it was Dr. Bob’s prudent counsel which so often restrained us from rash ventures that might have retarded us for years, perhaps ruined us for good. Nor can we ever forget the devotion of Dr. Bob and Jim S. (who passed away last summer) as they gathered stories for the AA Book, three-fifths of them coming from Akron alone. Dr. Bob’s special fortitude and wisdom were prime factors in that time so much characterized by doubt, and finally by grave decision. How much we may rejoice that Anne and Dr. Bob both lived to see the lamp lit at Akron carried into every corner of the earth; that they doubtless realized millions might someday pass under the ever-widening arch whose keystone they so gallantly helped carve. Yet, being so humble as they were, I’m sure they never quite guessed what a heritage they left us, nor how beautifully their appointed task had been completed. All they needed to do was finished. It was even reserved for Dr. Bob to see AA come of age as, for the last time, he spoke to 7000 of us at Cleveland, July, 1950.'”

~ Dr. Bob & Bill W. Speak:  AA’s Co-founders Tell Their Stories by Michael Fitzpatrick. To purchase a copy of this book signed by the author ~ click on this link: http://www.amazon.com/Dr-Bob-Bill-Speak-Cofounders/dp/1616494158/ref=aag_m_pw_dp?ie=UTF8&m=A2KO5T4DLWKOVF