“If we’re truly letting go and letting God, the probable result is that we’ve lost most of the fear and anxiety concerning any problem that might be troubling us at the moment. Obviously we’re hopeful that the solution, whatever it may be, won’t involve too much temporary pain or loss. Still, we should also be careful not to assume that God delights in causing us pain or loss, for these usually occur only as a result of our partial or total separation from Him. Surely God’s will for us is that we live fully and abundantly on all levels– the physical, emotional and intellectual, as well as the spiritual.”

“Therefore He knows of our economic and social needs. But all too often our real needs is to let go of certain things in order to make our conscious contact with God. We may be putting these things first in our own minds, looking to them for security and power that rightly ought to come from God. For this reason it’s sometimes a distinct blessing when circumstances wrest them from us and force us to turn elsewhere for help. This, in fact, is what happened with our drinking problems.” -Mel B. The AA Grapevine November 1964

Here is a talk by Tom B. and his experience with letting go and letting God.