Tips on How to Rebuild Your Life and Career After Addiction

Rebuilding your life and career after addiction isn’t easy, but now that you’re sober, anything is possible. Here we cover some ways to get started.

Self Care in Recovery: Learning to Eat Well

How can we begin to develop a sane relationship with food, and actually eat to nourish ourselves?

Rebuilding Lives: Heading Back to School in Recovery

If going back to school seems like the next right action, we offer some thoughts on where to start, useful skills, and managing the balance between school, recovery and life in general.

5 Healthy Living Tips for Recovering Alcoholics & Addicts (Especially Those in Early Sobriety)

By Megan Krause My early days in recovery were fueled by three things: cigarettes (a pack a day), sugar (if I can’t have meth, at least give me chocolate) and Diet Coke (fine, I’m still addicted to this one). I barely slept, I didn’t exercise, and I couldn’t sit...

How (and Why) to Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is all about paying attention, and paying attention is one of the most transformative things we can do. Where to start and how to grow your practice.

Learning to Bend Not Break: Yoga and Recovery

Developing our minds, bodies, and spirits contributes to a lasting and joyful recovery. Yoga offers us a way to strengthen our bodies, deepen our meditation practice and grow our sense of wellness and community.


Thriving in all of our affairs

Tools and techniques for personal growth in all areas of life—from financial recovery to travelling sober to meditation practice. We explore the road to becoming whole people once again, and thriving in all of our affairs.

So many of us were stunted in our development when we began drinking or using. In this space, we work together to move onward and upward towards a new vision for ourselves and our lives.  


Self-care and the process of physical recovery

Turning our attention to health, wellness and fitness can seem like a radical act after so many years of neglect and abuse. We explore self-care and how to become at home in our bodies once again.

We discovered that tending to our physical wellness was a critical component to feeling like whole people and reclaiming a sense of confidence and strength. Attention to the mind, body, and spirit were all vital on the road to long-term recovery.



Restoring and reclaiming our relationships

From social circle to a significant other, we explore the road to healthy sober relationships. Deep and meaningful connections with others are vital to recovery, and here we discuss cleaning up the past and moving forward wholeheartedly.

In this section you will find discussion of how we connect—from dating, to friends, work, kids and family.