Lois W. (AFG) from Bedford Hills, NY @ Interview with Searcy W. in 1987

Lois talking with Searcy W, Nell Wing and few other guests at Stepping Stones in Bedford Hills NY.
Searcy sharing pictures and stories of Bill and their trips in the 1950s.Searcy talks about the time Bill W showed him the early draft version of the long form of the 12 traditions he was writing.
Searcy tells about the first time he met Lois, following behind Bill, they tell jokes about the good times.
Searcy asks about who met Ebby first her or Bill?
Lois talking about earlier years with Ebby in school in VT before Bill met him.
Searcy shares that Bill W his biggest thing he could of changed from the beginnings was for Ebby to stay sober.
Lois tells of throwing her shoe at Bill about going to his meetings.
Searcy and Lois talk about thousands of pictures and 2 big albums she is organizing for people to see for years, in logical order and dated.
Lois asks that the guest’s sign her guestbook. She has everyone sign. Explains who was there and when they were visiting the house going back to 1950’s.Lois talks about how she got her cat from a friend.
At the end Searcy W goes into detail who was all in the conversation at the time.

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