Luke Wollet


Athlete and Recovery advocate

Luke is a small town boy from Poland, Ohio who became a college football star at Kent State University.  Following his college career Luke actually made it to the 2014 NFL draft— following the draft he was signed as a free agent to the New Orleans Saints.  But, there was a dark side to Luke’s story.  During his college years he had suffered two serious injuries on the field and had been prescribed opioid medication for the pain.  He became hooked, and little to anyone’s knowledge, by the time he made it to training camp with the Saints he had a full blown addiction to heroin.  Eventually he got kicked off the team and he lost his lifelong dream at having an NFL career.  This young man who had such a promising future eventually became homeless on the streets of Cincinnati.  But now, Luke has nearly three years sober and works in the addiction treatment industry.  He shares his amazing story in hopes of helping others facing the same demons that he once fought.  He travels the country speaking at universities, prisons, on media segments, and at community events to raise awareness on the resources that are available to those who are struggling.

The Journey

Former Kent State Star Football Player, Luke Wollet, shares his story of addiction to pain killers on CBS 19 Cleveland. He talks about his journey into recovery and how he’s now working at Banyan Treatment Center.  Luke Wollet speaks on the opioid crisis and his story of life in recovery from heroin addiction. 

Luke Wollet Current projects

Luke is currently traveling the country speaking at schools, prisons, and community events.  He is closely involved in the world of college sports, as well as in many church communities.  Luke serves as a Business Development Representative for Banyan Treatment Center.  You can call Luke for help directly at 330-882-8192.  Or if you would like to book Luke for an event or speaking engagement Click Here.

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