Mary R. speaking on February 27. 1983

Mary R. speaking on February 27. 1983

Mary shares some very impactful, inspiring and humorous messages in this talk:
“This is not a competition.”
“Booze wasn’t the problem, I had an erosion of spirit and nothing consumed could fix what I lacked.”
“Delusions the dreams and the things.”
“Addiction took me from being just a bad drunk to a snarling animal full of hatred, emptiness hopeless and helpless.”
“A doctor then put me on pills which was like changing seats on the Lithuania.”
She spoke about her affection for the old timers:
“They seem peaceful like ducks on the water, but what you don’t see is underneath their feet are paddling like mad.”
“They were more concerned in my survival than my approval or friendship… We weren’t asked what we’d like to do, we were told what to do. It saved my life.”
“We have to stop fighting everything and everybody.”
In conclusion, she went on after many good years:
“I didn’t trust my daughter(active addict) or new comers because I don’t trust the sickness of addiction. I had to turn then to Al-Anon where I learned it’s still possible to stay in sobriety even with a broken heart.”

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