Polly P. is an AA speaker who got sober in 1977 after years of drinking and taking doctor-prescribed sedatives and tranquilizers. “I guarantee you,” she quips, “if you drink alcohol and take those kinds of drugs, you are not an ‘active’ alcoholic. I did my dying on my living room sofa.”

Polly grew up an only child in a non-alcoholic family; neither parent has ever taken so much as a sip of alcohol. “I grew up totally loved and cherished,” she says, “the problem was, I never could feel that love.”

She goes on to explain what she learned from the Big Book of AA—that she is suffering from a spiritual malady that separates her from the Sunlight of the Spirit. “Nothing is enough,” she says. “There is no way you could love me enough, no way you could give me enough, no way you could do enough.”

Polly was plagued by feelings of inadequacy her entire life. “I felt stupid,” she says. When she drank, those feelings went away.

When she got to AA in 1977, Polly had no concept of any kind of god; she found her Higher Power through step work. Today, this remarkable woman, says, “I absolutely love my life. I love Alcoholics Anonymous.”

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