“Over time I have discovered that I cannot get very far away from being conscious of loving my life in my meditation and remain at peace. Currently I practice a 30 minute or more slowed down version of the Third Step Prayer in the morning and evening, and when I close that prayer with: “…of Thy power, (I stop and am conscious that the spirit of the Universe has All-Powerful, Guiding, Creative Intelligence, underlying every aspect of all being;) Thy Love, (I stop here and know that the Spirit of God only experiences order, harmony and unfolding goodness, and experiences that in Love. If I Love my own life as God loves my life I am face to face with God, who is also Love. I then go over Drummond’s description of the element of love for that day and commit to consciously practicing that element of Love in my life throughout the day. Any one or all of those elements are appropriate responses to replace selfishness, dishonesty, resentment, and fear, “When these crop up.”…”and Thy way of life.” (I stop here and know that God’s way of life includes gracing the Universe with His Spirit for the good of His creation and creature; and that my best way of life would therefore be to give myself in service to God’s creation and creatures for their goodness.) “May I do Thy Will Always. Amen”
-My Life on a Frozen Lake, Howard P. Pg. 162-163
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