Recovery Resources

Useful information for people at any stage of their recovery, as well as for those concerned about someone struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism.


So many of us were stunted in our development when we began drinking or using. In this space, we work together to move onward and upward towards a new vision for ourselves and our lives…[read more]

gratitude in recovery


We discovered that tending to our physical wellness was a critical component to feeling like whole people and reclaiming a sense of confidence and strength. Attention to the mind, body, and spirit were all vital on the road to long-term recovery.   [read more ]

Health and Fitness

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In this section you will find discussion of how we connect—from dating, to friends, work, kids and family.  Restoring broken relationships and learning to cultivate new ones can be one the greatest emotional rewards of recovery from addictions and alcoholism.   [read more]


From meth, heroin, opioids, and more, we offer resources and information on what it takes to get well…    [read more]

Alcohol Dependence

Information on Alcohol abuse, as well as resources on how to recover and stay sober…    [read more]