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We are excited to announce and introduce a new partnership with Vurbl is a free audio streaming service that provides an amazing user experience with unique features and tools. This partnership will allow our users to listen to many of their favorite talks on the Recovery Speakers Station and then create customizable playlists as well as “snippets” of portions of your favorite talks. These playlists and snippets can saved for your personal catalogue to revisit as well as share with friends across your social channels, or embedded on your own website. will continue operating just as it always has. This new partnership is intended to give our most dedicated listeners an additional set of features. As mentioned before, these features include the ability to create fully customizable playlists, and the ability to create “snippets”, which are shorter audio clips that can then be used and shared separate from the original audio file.


When arriving to the Recovery Speakers Station home page, you will see the “Subscribe” button, just click and you will be able to easily revisit our station to enjoy great speaker talks.


Create Playlists:

Here you can find helpful instructions to learn more about creating playlists on
Head over to the Navigation Bar and click “Playlists”:
If you are new to Vurbl, you should have a playlist page with nothing else but a “Create Playlist” button, click that button to start your first playlist:
After clicking the “Create Playlist” button, you can add it to you personal station, Title the playlist, and give it a description. You can also choose to make your playlist “Public” or “Private”:
After listening to a recording that you enjoyed, you can easily add the recording to an existing playlist that you created by clicking the “Add to Playlist” button. Other great functions are that you can “Save” and “Share” the recording:

Check out our “Dive into Recovery” Playlist:

Create Snippets:

Press play on any audio file on the Recovery Speakers Station. Select the Scissors icon on the audio player at the bottom of the screen:

A new screen will pop-up for you to drag the slider tool to your preferred start and stop point. Give your new snippet a unique title and description, and click the save button.

Share your snippet to your social channels, or embed it on your own website. One very unique feature of creating snippets is that a snippet is automatically transcribed for you to read or share the text:


Check out a Snippet of Paul W. sharing on Anonymity:

Share Your Favorite Recordings: provides a simple way to share your favorite recordings on social media, email, or embed the media player:

The Recovery Speakers team is able to share and continue this work solely through donations from our users and supporters. Please consider a donation.

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