Buckeye Roundup Cincinnati, OH 11/4/16 – Part 1

Amy D from Louisville, KY Clancy I from Venice, CA Jason M from Dallas, TX Gloria B. (AFG) from Cincinnati, OH Debbie R from Cincinnati, OH

Buckeye Roundup Cincinnati, OH 11/4/16 – Part 2

11th Step Workshop - Dave F. from Bellevue, NE Practicing Principles - Jeannette M- Jason M. from Dallas, TX Singleness of Purpose - Clancy I from...

Border City Roundup – Ft. Smith, AR 11/11-13/2016

Laura G. (AFG) from Sherwood, AR Conley B. from Palmer, AK Julie R. from Palmer, AK Brian B. from Palmer, AK

Southern Minnesota Roundup – Mankato, MN – 9/9/2016

Shanna G. (AFG) form Urbandale, IA Scott G. from Urbandale, IA Mike P. from New Hope, MN Joe C. from Palm Coast, FL Deb H. from Akron, OH "Steps...

Cornhusker Roundup – Omaha, NE – 8/15/2015 – Part 2

Kent L. from Wetumpka, AL Corrie L. (AFG) from Wetumpka, AL Paul McQ. from Belle Harbor, NY Terri K. from Woodville, OH

Cornhusker Roundup – Omaha, NE – 8/13-16/2015 – Part 1

Gary K. from Sulphur Springs, TX "This is A.A." Bob B. from St. Paul, MN - Part 1 "This is A.A." Bob B. from St. Paul,...

Southern Minnesota Roundup – Mankato, MN 10/12-14/2018

Nancy S. (AFG) from Topeka, KS Roger P. from St Paul, MN "Step 12 Speaker Panel" - Various Speakers Lori G. (AFG) from Oklahoma City, OK Clif G....

Area 40 Spring Roundup, Great Falls, MT 5/4-6/2018

Madeline P. from Happy Valley, OR Jeanette M.(AFG) from Lethbridge, AB Old Timers Panel Cody B. from Lewistown, MT Leah J.(AFG) from Great Falls, MT

Bill B. speaking at the Sandlapper Roundup – Myrtle Beach, SC – 12/2/2004

42 years sober as of talk. Came into A.A. with 4 kids, had 5 more. Alot of things begin to work when you sober up

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