So… you say AA is the most important facet of your life?

So… you say AA is the most important facet of your life?

Here’s the good news:

A.A. is a nonprofit that does not solicit contributions from outside its membership. We are the solution!

Here’s the bad news:

That policy has resulted in our never being truly “self-supporting.” We rely on literature profits to cover the annual shortfall in contributions.  During the pandemic both literature sales and contributions have slowed. Fortunately, A.A. has a prudent reserve for situations just like this, but no one anticipated a funding crisis that would last so long.

The Solution:
As an individual A.A. member, please join us in embracing an easy way of demonstrating your commitment to A.A.:

  1. Click on this link (HERE) and sign up for an automatic, EVERY MONTH, contribution of $12 to A.A.

It’s quick. It’s safe. It’s easy!

  1. Then, create a pod of eleven sober friends, sponsors and sponsees to do the same.

    Here’s where this gets really exciting!

If each of us invites 11 A.A. friends to take action, the result is:

$12 x 12 months = $144 x 12 A.A.’s = $1,728 per year.

1,000 pods = $1,728,000 per year.

At 2,000 pods, we would reach a tipping point, erasing the annual shortfall and becoming the first generation of A.A.s to be fully self-supported through our own contributions.

If this aligns with your heart, it all begins with YOU clicking HERE.

This is not intended to redirect the contributions you are making or an appeal for group or meeting contributions. It is not from GSO. Rather, it is we individual AA members responding to a real and immediate challenge by making an additional voluntary monthly recurring contributions to strengthen our fellowship’s financial position. 

In Love and Service

The Recovery Speakers team is able to carry the message solely on donations and occasional collectible literature sales. Please consider a donation.

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