Alcoholics Anonymous

Dr. Jerry M. Speaking at the 19th Inter-Doctors of AA, Atlanta, GA, 1968

Dr. Jerry M. Speaking at the 19th Inter-Doctors of AA, Atlanta, GA, 1968

Peggy M. -My Side Of The Street

Peg M. - "is your life ever fresh? is your life ever current? have you taken the steps lately? "

Peggy M. -A.A. Is My Life -Los Angeles, Ca -11/16/88

Peg M. - "don't you have conversations in your head sometimes? i'm lucky to keep it down to two people sometimes."

Peggy M. -North West Florida Al-Anon Conf. -Pensacola, Fl -02/13/88

Peg M. - "i have never heard an alcoholic say they felt the same as the people around them. never."

Peggy M. -Spring Fling -Lincoln, Ne -04/02/87

Peg M. - "and all of us, if you come into alcoholics anonymous, if you're a real got brain damage. it may not...

Peggy M. -West Portland Group -02/17/07

Peg M. - "i have a lot of pride and it's caused me a lot of problems. and it does when we get sober....

Peggy M. -West Portland Group -2006

Peg M. - "i love my life. i'm in my sixty-ninth year and i'm 43 years sober and i love my life. and that...

Peggy M. -Thursday Night Speaker -Las Vegas, Nv -09/01/05

Peg M. - "i don't remember the first time i drank orange juice. i don't remember the first green bean i ever ate. i...

Peggy M. -I Love Alcoholics Anonymous -Newport, Or -2002

Peggy M. - "my feet take me to meetings when my head tells me i don't want to go. they don't think, they act."

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Mickey B. -Summer Bash -Sacramento, Ca -07/07/2001

Mickey B. - "if there's twelve steps attached to anything, i'm a contender for it."

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