Alcoholics Anonymous

Peggy M. -Summerfest -Eugene, Or -07/09/93

Peggy M. - "in retrospect, i took the first three steps before i ever came to alcoholics anonymous." -1993

Peggy M. -The Twelve Traditions in Our Own Life -1993

Peggy M. - "i need to be deflated... it's not like i said, oh goodie! but it's exactly what i need." -1993

Peggy M. -54th NCCAA Spring Convention -Fresno, Ca

Peggy M. - "we've been given this wonderful program and because of our failures and our massive screw-ups, we get to make a difference...

Peggy M. -5th. Huntsville Roundup -1996

Peggy M. - "i didn't surrender, i couldn't think that far ahead. i was surrendered." -1996

Tom B. Jr. -Ceta Glen, Tx.

Tom B. Jr. - "things were beginning to happen, things were getting simpler. i was beginning to surrender."

Tom B Jr. -Ceta Glenn -1967

Tom B Jr. - "let's just say i lived in a fantasy land before disney ever thought of building one." -1967

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