Bob B

Bob B. -Fort Collins, Colorado -10/06/89

Bob B. - "i thought, if i could go see what an alcoholic looked like, i could come away with a better idea of...

Bob B. -International Convention -San Diego, Ca. -07/02/95

Bob B. - "almost all of us are in this room because our maker has touched our lives." -07/02/95

Bob B. -31st Ocean Front Conference -Virgina Beach, Va. -2007

Bob B. - "my personality might be unique, but not my illness, not my behaviour, not my feelings, not my experience. i started to...

Bob B. -5th Annual Convention -Santa Barbara, Ca. -11/18/88

Bob B. - "it seemed like the people who really had their lives in order had a relationship with the people of aa. and...

Bob B. -Spring Fling, Sacramento, Ca. -02/13/99

Bob B. - "i started to have a sense that what was working in your life, might work in mine." -02/13/99

Bob B. -1st North Texas Roundup -Dallas, Tx. -08/19/06

Bob B. - "i had a problem. the problem was, i knew the answer was god. i knew the answer was deep in the...

Bob B. -12th. Annual Music City Roundup -Nashville, Tn. -07/02/93

Bob B. - "help me be, not who i'am any more. that's why i came to alcoholics anonymous, i couldn't stand me. i didn't...

Bob B. -State Line Retreat -Steps 5-7 -Primm, Nv. -12/09/06

Bob B. - "i thought recovery was the absence of problems." -12/09/06

Bob B. -Three Legacies -12/16/05

Bob B. - " the two things that have saved my bacon in alcoholics anonymous are i loved the oldtimers and i had good...

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Tom B. Jr. – Powerless and Power

Tom B. Jr. - "there is one that has all power, that one is god may you find him now. that's deeper than any...

Tom B. Jr. -Ceta Glen, Tx.

Tom B. Jr. - "things were beginning to happen, things were getting simpler. i was beginning to surrender."

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