Bob B

Pockets Of Enthusiasm – Sarasota, FL – 09-19-2014 – 09-21-2014

Track 2 - Sheldon F - Las Vegas, NV - Steps 6 and Tradition 9   Track 3 - Misoon W - Jacksonville, FL - Steps...

Bob B. -5th Annual Convention -Santa Barbara, Ca. -11/18/88

Bob B. - "it seemed like the people who really had their lives in order had a relationship with the people of aa. and...

63rd Annual Eastern Ontario Canada Fall Conference – 10-2014

  Track 2 - Janet T - Wasaga Beach, ON - (AFG)   Track 3 - Bob B - St. Paul, MN   Track 4 - Misoon W -...

50th Florida State Convention – Old Timers, Corrections, Sponsorship Workshops – Palm Harbor FL – 08-03-2006

Track 2 - Sponsorship Workshop (Part 2)   Track 3 - Corrections Workshop (Part 1)   Track 4 - Corrections Workshop (Part 2)   Track 5 - Old Timers Panel...

Bob B. -Waco, Tx. -5/4/86

Bob B. - "he said, 'you don't know how to live without drinking'. i don't think i've ever been told a truer thing than...

Bob B. -Fort Collins, Colorado -10/06/89

Bob B. - "i thought, if i could go see what an alcoholic looked like, i could come away with a better idea of...

Bob B. -International Convention -San Diego, Ca. -07/02/95

Bob B. - "almost all of us are in this room because our maker has touched our lives." -07/02/95

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