Clancy I

Clancy I. -Omaha, Ne. -08/78

Clancy I. - "the one thing we have in common is not what alcohol does to us, but what alcohol does for us. alcohol...

2nd Annual New Haven Spring Conference – Saturday Night Fever Group – 03-21-2008 – 03-23-2008

Track 2 - Clancy I - Venice CA   Track 3 - Sandy B - Tampa FL   Track 4 - Tommie D - "The Old Timers and...

25th Unity Weekend – Jekyll Island GA – Clancy I and Friends – 03-02-2012 – 03-04-2012

Track 2 - Max P - Cos Cob CT   Track 3 - (AFG) Susan B - Tulsa OK   Track 4 - Pat Y - Pasedena CA  

Clancy I. -Atlantic Group Anniversary -New York, Ny. -2003

Clancy I. - "this mind consuming, perception distorting, bodily eroding thing called alcoholism. you'll discover that stopping drinking and cleaning up your act has...

Clancy I. -Old Behaviors, Sponsorship, & Relapse -Marin, Ca.

Clancy I. - "who's going to take care of me? who am i going to lean on? we take turns being leaned on. the...

Clancy I – The 12 Traditions -San Diego, Ca

Clancy I. - "a lot of people died to bring about each tradition. this really is a survival technique."

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