Clancy I

Clancy I. Steps 1-2-3

Clancy I. -"over the years i’ve come to believe that book is the only divinely inspired literature i’ve ever held in my hands. i...

Clancy I. -Spring Rally -St. George, Utah -5/7/88

Clancy I. - "I spent my whole life thinking, i’m the only one faking it, they are what they seem to be. and I...

Clancy I. -Thursday Night Speaker Meeting -Las Vegas, NV -06/15/06

Clancy I. -"the only requirement is a desire to stop drinking and also to burn down the aa club, that works too". -06/15/06

Clancy I. -Daytona Beach FL. -05/92

Clancy I. -“over the years, I’ve heard over 225 inventories. there’re a couple of things in every inventory, one is lack of self-worth. a...

CLANCY I. -Hub of the Plains Conference -Lubbock, TX -07/23/83 -partial rec.

CLANCY I. -"if i can't drink it makes the pressure intolerable because as long as i can remember, drinking has been a pressure reliever...

Clancy I. – At the Pacific Group ,CA. -5/25/88

Clancy I. -"aa is made up of imperfect people, all of them, and if they don't take certain actions, little by little they can...

Clancy I. -Pacific Group 19th anniversary, CA. -1/3/91

Clancy I. -"i dont know what to do, i gotta find a way because life without drinking is unbearable and drinking is unbearable. -1/3/91

Clancy I. -Pacific Group 24th anniversary, -Los Angeles, CA. -1/4/96

Clancy I. -"drinking seemed to change things, drinking takes people like me who never feel like they're quite enough, after a few drinks makes...

Clancy I. -Pacific Group, -Los Angeles, CA. -5/27/87

Clancy I. -"i was thinking about how AA hasn't been around very long really. if there were no AA, what would you and i...

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