Howard P

Howard P. -55th. Florida State Conv. -07/2011

Howard P. -"a sense of well being and feeling good about myself and my life". -Florida -07/2011 The Baby Elephant Belief Story: Here, you can listen...

Howard P. -Music City Roundup, Nashville, TN -9/2/00

Howard P. -"my life is so good that i can see now, that my life was always good. but lack of power was my...

Howard P. -Day of History- Tempe, AZ -2/23/08

Howard-P- -"prayer and meditation are our principle means of conscious contact with god and if you're interested in the possibility of having a conscious...

Howard P. -Roseville, CA -1/23/16

Howard-P -"if anybody says 'whats the matter i thought you were going to AA, dont AA work?' tell them the truth, that you don't...

Howard P. -Hope and Serenity Group- Sacramento, CA -2/2/13

Howard P. -"there's a thing called synchronicity where things just seem to happen at random but turn out better". Sacramento, CA /2/2/13

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